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Understanding Holistic Health

By |October 14th, 2008|articles|

Every thought and emotion affects your health. A holistic health approach encompasses treating the whole person: the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Traditional cultures have 犀利士 known for thousands of years that these aspects are intimately connected. Every food we eat, every thought we entertain, every emotion we feel and every interaction we experience impacts [...]

Hormones – the ups and downs of a female cycle

By |October 10th, 2008|articles|

Being a female is interesting in so many ways: regarding our hormonal cycle, it can be a major roller coaster and a life-long one at that! After forty years of hormonal ups and downs, I can honestly say FINALLY! It is over for me. Ahhh… no more period cramps, headaches, sore boobs, bleeding, cravings, and [...]


By |October 6th, 2008|articles|

Our bodies are a host for bacteria! A sobering thought – billions of bacteria make up our entire body! We don’t even notice them until we experience discomfort. You know when your friendly bugs are starting to lose when you experience symptoms such as bloating, wind and upset stomach. Medication, especially antibiotics, may contribute to [...]