Client Testimonials

J.Packham, Howick Auckland wrote:

“My wife and I have been attending Inga’s clinics for the past five years for a range of natural treatments and massages.
My wife has received great help from Inga’s massages – helping her reduce her blood pressure and stress levels. She also experienced relief from migraines from Bowen Therapy treatments from Inga.

I have had help from massages which have reduced my stress levels and the computerised EAV testing which has helped me to rebalance my vitamin requirements.

K.Polman, Papakura Auckland, wrote:

Inga has been a godsend to me over the past 5 years.

During this time she helped me overcome some serious back problems after a fall that resulted in loss of strengths in one leg.

She also tested me with her magic machine to identify which medication were helpful or not desirable.

Her Bowen therapy after a heart bypass operation was fantastic and overcame a very painful shoulder, probably as a result of being kept for an extended period of time during the by-pass operation. This was completely fixed and the relief was great to say the least.

Inga recommended a supplement that has literally changed my life, it gave me incredible energy, great sleep and the ability to overcome burning feet (resulting from prolonged diabetes)

There are many other treatments she has given me, too many to recall.

I would recommend Inga above many other so called “normal” treatments. They invariable try to fix the symptoms but not the cause.
Thank you Inga for your great help over the past years!

K. Polman, Papakura, Auckland

Linda, East Auckland wrote:

In October 2007 I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica.
Not wishing to take steroids I refused the only treatment offered to me by my specialist, that of long term usage of the corticosteroid drug Prednisone.

My GP prescribed 75mg daily of Voltaren with top ups of Panadol for pain relief as required, he said there was no more he could do, but let the condition run its course.
I then embarked on 10 months of acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture gave me temporary relief (a few days) but I was still taking large doses of painkillers, waking at least once every night to take Panadol and struggling to get out of bed each morning. Visiting the acupuncturist twice a week at $60 per visit, for 10 months, with no cure in sight, became very crippling on the budget.

In July 2008, I met Inga through a business association. Inga explained to me about Bowen Therapy and gave me a brochure to read before my first visit.

During and after my first treatment I felt totally relaxed and enjoyed an uninterrupted nights sleep for the first time in over a year. My second appointment was a week later, followed by a third a week after that. During weeks 2 & 3 I very gradually felt my energy returning.

Inga then told me she didn’t need to see me for a month, during which time my sleep pattern settled down and I was able to reduce my medication. Now 5 months later I see Inga about once a month. I no longer struggle to get out of bed in the morning, my energy levels are much higher and more importantly I have reduced my medication to 1x 25mg Voltaren daily with no top ups of Panadol.
I have no doubt in my mind that the Bowen Therapy is responsible for this turn around and as I continue to improve, have no doubt that I will be medication free in the very near future.

Katrina, East Auckland wrote:

I went to see Inga with a wrist injury, after many specialist appointments, and months of pain. I had been told that I had done nerve damage and that it would take a long time to heal. After three Bowen treatments, I am basically pain free, and am able to work freely again. Thanks Inga, I definitely believe that Bowen Therapy helped to speed up my recovery process, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends.

Sheryl, Auckland, wrote:

Thank you for helping my daughter Kathryn (22 years old).

She has suffered from asthma since the age of 5. I have tried all types of medication and therapies to help rid her of her asthma. I had tried Chinese herbal medication which we referred to as compost. I had also tried the suction cups on her back. I had also got her to use the usual flixotide and ventolin as per the doctors. We even went on seravent, only to have her asthma get worse due to some allergic reaction to it. Finally, after one winter where she was on prednisone once too much, we were referred to a chest specialist. He recommended symbicort and nasal sprays. She was taking 2 puffs of symibcort every morning and every night with the nasal spray in the morning and ventolin when necessary. This was working for some time till we visited our doctor and she recommended that we use only the symbicort during the day as well instead of ventolin.

After a time I thought this was the only option for Kathryn to be on medication for the rest of her life. She would not be able to cope with a smoky room or participate in any sports, laugh hard or get too cold as all these things brought on an asthma attack. She always had cold feet and hands due to bad circulation.

I finally tried Bowen after seeing your advertisement in the local paper. Bowen Therapy hit her like a truck. She was very tired and slept well that night. We went back for the second session a week later and this time it was even worse, she couldn’t stay awake.

Kathryn could not believe it when after a few days she had not used her symbicort during the day at all. In fact after 2 weeks since her 2nd session she had cut down her use to only 1 puff in the morning of symbicort and nothing during the day……eureka, something that has worked. Even Kathryn is amazed at the amount of medication she has taken and even her hands and feet are no longer cold to touch.

Thank you so much for helping Kathryn. Here’s hoping we have a good winter health wise.

Joe, Auckland, wrote:

My name is Joe Cunningham. I had been suffering from chronic fatigue, where at times I was found it necessary to lie down. Sudden weakness in the legs and general tiredness was becoming more frequent.This had been happening for 12 months and my GP was unable to help me.

I visited Inga who gave me her detox treatment and Vitamins,.It took a few weeks,but now I am back to being 100%again. It is good to be able to carry out my usual days work.Inga has helped me thru this, in a caring manner- even ringing me to see how I was going.

A. M., Pakuranga wrote:

My 5 year old daughter has had a peanut allergy and asthma since she was 2 with daily medication for both conditions. After 3 sessions of Bowen therapy she was re-tested after a month and has shown significant improvement in both conditions.

The allergy is no longer life threatening and she had her first ever ‘normal’ lung function test. She is off all medication. I highly recommend Bowen Therapy as an option for allergy and asthma sufferers. Thank you Inga for your wonderful work.

V. G., Papatoetoe wrote:

I have suffered from sharp pain and general discomfort in my right elbow. After other form of treatments I decided to try a series of Bowen treatments. After the treatment I felt more energetic and the next morning my elbow felt completely normal! Thank you Inga!

R. G., Maraetai wrote:

I have suffered from chronic hip and back pain for the last 7 years due to a crippling horse riding accident. Bowen therapy has relieved this pain after a short course and I can actually exercise again and have more energy than I ever had! I strongly recommend Bowen therapy for anyone who wants to really LIVE!

R. G, Auckland wrote:

For me, Bowen treatment proved to be pure Magic. I presented with a very tight painful right shoulder with limited movement which precluded the gym and many everyday physical activities. Within days of receiving one Bowen treatment I was pain free, had free movement and back at my Pump Class going for it.

N.K., East Auckland wrote:

I went to Inga von Benzon in extreme pain with my knee she saw me within an hour of needing her help. She did a few little Bowen moves, and when I stood up I could not believe it: The pain had decreased dramatically. I could walk a lot better and as the days went on it has got less and less. Fantastic Inga thanks very much highly recommend her service.

Antoinette S, Auckland, wrote:

I was going to a chiropractor for 4 years due to arthritis in my lower back and neck. I was pretty fit and healthy, going to the gym 5 days a week at 5.30am before work, full of energy.

Basically the debilitating migraines started in November 2010 and my life as I knew it started to slow down. I was constantly exhausted and constantly had headaches. In January after a particularly nasty light prism migraine I was admitted to hospital due to stroke like symptoms. I was in hospital for 5 days, had CT scans, MRI and blood tests galore. First they thought my carotid artery had sprung a leak and damaged some nerves in my brain.

To cut a long story short over the next two years they tried to work out what was wrong with me and they decided it I had an idiopathic third nerve palsy complicated by light prism migraines. It was a case of two worlds colliding causing havoc.

During this time my quality of life was zip. I had the energy to get to work, get home and then go to bed. I had lost my ability to multi task, my balance was off (giving me the appearance of a drunk person), I had double vision and my face was continually numb down the right hand side, including the eye, this would get worse with the light prism migraines and my left arm to my fingers would go numb as well. I would have no warning when a light prism migraine would hit and when it did it would take up to 3 weeks to get over it, only to have it happen again.

Eventually I was put on Topamax to try and control the migraines. It’s a drug they use to control epilepsy. It is a horrendous drug and had little to no effect, I still got sick and I still had no energy.

Out of pure desperation in December 2012 I went looking for an alternative treatment. I was mainly focussed on my diet at this stage and was wanting help with that. I found Inga and read what I could about her (by now I trusted no one!). To be honest the reason I went to Inga is because the first testimonial I read on her website was of a migraine suffering lady whom Inga had helped.

I met Inga and she insisted I needed Bowen. I loved her direct “no nonsense” approach to things. I went away on my Christmas break and did a lot of research and I was NOT convinced. When I returned from my break I was exhausted (again) and gave Inga a call.

I had my first Bowen treatment on 8th January 2013. I was so disappointed when I left thinking “well that was a waste of money”. It wasn’t until I got to work I discovered that for the first time in two years my face was not numb! I got home that night after work did a load of washing and cooked dinner (normally I would have to go to bed).

I have had 3 Bowen treatments and I am pretty much back to full health, 3 that’s all it took! My partner and I are in a state of happy shock. I still do not understand how Bowen has helped me and even when Inga is doing the treatments in my head I’m saying “this can’t be working”. BUT it does and it has.

Thanks Inga, I now have my life back and we can not thank you enough. I recommend Inga to anyone and everyone, she’s a miracle worker!