Homeobotanical Therapy

Homeobotanical Therapy has been developed by New Zealander’s Dr. Brian and Amy Murray in 1984.

Homeopathic indications of each of over a hundred herbs were recorded and researched. The data outcome suggested that the healing capacity of anyone tincture was not fully covered looking at it from either a herbal or homeopathic perspective. Combining both sets of information gave a deeper understanding of the full healing potential. With the adjustments of concentrations of herbs, the Homeobotanical Therapy was born.

HBT is based on the homeopathic principle and combines both characteristics of herbal and homeopathic therapy. The therapeutic response is enhanced by the synergy of other herbs that are chosen to reinforce the action of other components. It is non-toxic and depends on the availability of fresh, high quality herbal extracts.

Combinations of herbs that have similar actions create a ‘mother tincture’. Using specific mother tinctures in combination, prepared with herbal water, creates a remedy.

How can HBT be used?

  • As a core treatment, with additional nutritional help
  • As a first aid treatment
  • As a complementary treatment, synergistic to others like osteopathy, Bowen Therapy, chiropractic or acupuncture
  • As an immediate treatment while the fundamental, basic treatment takes action