When planning a family, many factors play a role in successful conception and pregnancy. This can be potentially stressful, which is so detrimental to conception. The longer it takes, the higher the stress load, which is very unfortunate, as stress is the best contraception! It is so important to be relaxed – which seems impossible when faced with complications and disappointments. Here at Mother-Well, we specialise in supporting you to find ways to a harmonious development of your family plans. There are many aspects to a successful outcome, and I like to offer one of them: Bowen therapy – a gentle body modality, that is applied with light moves over specific parts of muscles and ligaments. It is applied without forceful manipulation or invasive touch. In combination with detoxification, the right diet and hormonal rebalancing, this might be beneficial to assist you on your journey of conception.

How can Bowen therapy assist with infertility?
first of all, it is vital to achieve a regular cycle. The first treatments will assist with overall body balance, detoxification and rebalancing of hormones. Once you have achieved a regular menses, you will be ready for the second part of this protocol. That involves you and your partner/husband. You will need to come in together for your sessions until conception is achieved.

Once pregnancy has been achieved, Bowen therapy is very beneficial in reducing symptoms associated with the different trimesters.
First trimester
Morning sickness and nausea, emotional roller-coaster due to re-adjustments of hormones, fatigue
Second trimester
Lower back pain, shortness of breath, reflux, leg and feet cramps
Third trimester
Preparation for birth – pelvic muscle relaxation to allow baby to turn anterior, to turn breech baby around, to prepare for a natural birth. Back pain.
It would be ideal to receive Bowen during labour, as it assists with back pain, and pelvic relaxation to allow baby to lower deeper into the birth canal.
Bowen therapy immediately or as soon as possible after birth is highly beneficial to allow re-alignment of the stretched muscles and pelvis. It is also highly beneficial for lactation, and to help prevent mastitis.

Babies benefit beautifully from this therapy, particularly for neck restrictions from birthing trauma, reflux, projectile vomiting, colic.